I'm willing to bet that over the last few years, your cellphone has been getting a whole lot of "scam likely" calls. When it comes to "phone scams" is it just me or are these folks getting more and more better at pulling this crime off? It's almost scary when you consider that some of these scammers can use an "official" phone number to execute their ruse unless you know the signs to look for.

Longview Cops Say A Scammer Is Going Around Calling Residents


According to a post on their Facebook page, Longview police report that they were notified that a man was calling residents in the area stating that he was a Longview Police Officer. The scary part was that the caller ID indicated the call was coming from the department.

The scammer told local residents that they had a warrant for their arrest.

Alexander Raths

The scammer would tell the caller that they needed to meet an officer at a location to give the officer money for the warrant. This is the moment when red flags were raised because Longview Police Officers will NOT call members of the public directly and ask for payment for outstanding warrant over the phone.

If You Receive A Phone Call Like This, Here's What You Should Do

Don't fall for this and do not provide any of your financial information over the phone. If you have provided money or gift cards or other forms of payment over the phone to someone claiming to be a Longview Police Officer, please call the Longview Police  department to report this as a theft at 903-237-1199.

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