WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

It’s amazing how simply looking at a photo can take you back to memories when you were just a kid going to school. That was exactly how I felt as I scrolled through the photos below of this abandoned school in Rusk County, Texas.  

It brought me back to the noise of the overhead projector as our teacher would try to teach us something new. Or the sound of that loud pencil sharper that always made sure our writing utensil was ready to take notes throughout the school day. While I have never stepped foot into this specific school before so many schools were all the same, so it’s easy to feel nostalgic when looking through these wonderful photos that were captured by photographer, Kathleen Greer. 

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Who Owns This Abandoned School in Rusk County? 

While I am not 100% certain, according to comments on Facebook this school was left abandoned in the 1990’s and was bought by a religious group. No one is really sure if that same group still owns the property now.  

Some Online Argue That This Rusk County School in Not Abandoned 

As you look through the photos below you will see what looks like a library with quite a few books on display. And there have been rumors of a full restoration but who knows if that will ever happen or if those are just rumors.  

For now, let’s go back in time with these photos of a school in Rusk County, Texas. 

Photos from Abandoned School in Rusk County, Texas

See what school was like in the 1990s as you look through these photos of an abandoned school in Rusk County, Texas.

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