Last night, a video featuring a Louisiana Tech student unleashing a racist opinion went viral on Twitter. Today, that student is under investigation by the university.

If there's one thing that everyone reading this should understand, it's that there's absolutely no place for racism in our world, country, and communities. One Louisiana Tech student was plastered all over social media yesterday, exposed in a leaked snapchat story. The original tweet featuring the video, was sent out by the woman who received the message. She used a separate phone to record the racist remarks sent to her via Snapchat, and it didn't take long for that tweet to go viral. Today, the user who shared the original tweet has deleted her now-viral video from the app, but as with anything that goes viral, clips are still all over Twitter.

We've chosen not to share the video here, as we refuse to give a platform to such graphic and unforgivable racism.

In the original tweet, the user identified the man in the video as Matthew Anzalone, a Louisiana Tech student. She explained that he sent her this racist diatribe in response to her telling him about a recent exchange where she says she walked up to a group of guys and asked for one of their Snapchat.

In response to the video's release and subsequent viral-ness, the university and the student's fraternity have both released statements. Below, you'll find the statements released by Louisiana Tech and PIKE.


Today, we learned of a racist social media post from one of our students. The sentiments expressed in that post are in...

Posted by Louisiana Tech University on Wednesday, October 7, 2020



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