It doesn’t matter what part of Texas you live in, everywhere is too dang expensive anymore. We know that inflation is kicking us right in the wallet every time we leave the house, especially when we’re going grocery shopping or want to go out to eat. So, while everyone is trying to save money wherever possible, there are probably some things at home you can do to help save on your electricity bill. 

Electricity Bill

If your childhood was anything like mine you remember your parent's saying things like “turn off the light when you leave a room” or one of my favorites was “close the door, are you trying to cool down the whole neighborhood?” Now that I am an adult and have to pay the electricity bill myself, I understand the frustration with adding to your electricity bill which essentially is just throwing money down the drain. 

Unplug Certain Items to Cut Your Electricity Bill 

Every time you leave a room or leave your house, you’re probably leaving things plugged into the outlets which might continue to use electricity even when you’re not there. These things are continuing to cost you money for no reason at all. Which is why you should be more aware of the things you leave plugged in or turned on before you leave. 

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What Items Are Adding to Your Electricity Bill? 

Let’s look at some items around your house that you’re probably leaving pulled in or left on which continue to add to your electricity bill. These are the items you need to make sure are turned off and unplugged. 

Items Adding to Your Electricity Bill You Should Unplug or Turn Off

Here is a list of items that are hiking up your energy bill every month.

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