The last time I was summoned for jury duty, I showed up to the courthouse and spent 2 hours trying to find every excuse in the book to get out of it and get back to my life. Thankfully, when it was almost time for us to be seated, the person who we were there to "sit in judgement of", plead guilty before we could go to trial and we were excused.

We all dread receiving that "summons" in the mail. But as we sit and await the outcome of doing our "civic duty" with the election, there's another "civic duty" some of yall won't have to worry about and were probably dreading next week. Lucky you!

According to KLTV, Gregg County judges have announced that jury duty which was set for Monday November 9th has been CANCELED. That means you can carry on about your day and won't have to sit in court all day long.

No reason was given for the cancellation but I'm quite sure if you got that "summons" to go you're thankful you won't have to deal with it now. But, don't tell your boss it got canceled so you can make it a "Monday Funday"....Oh this article isn't helping that cause huh?..... Disregard.


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