Apple fanboys and fangirls have been known to do some pretty crazy things to support their favorite products. They’ll line up outside their local Apple store for days at a time in anticipation of the latest device.  They religiously read up on the latest news and products. Some even have extensive black turtleneck collections in honor of their late hero, Steve Jobs.  An Apple fanboy from Newfield, NJ, however, may have gone a little too far.  

Warning: This post is not for the squeamish.

Dave Hurban, a tattoo artist and piercer working with Kaleidoscope Kreative, decided that he didn’t want to simply strap his iPod Nano onto his wrist like a normal person.  Oh no, Dave wanted his Nano magnetically attached to his body.  Not only did he take extreme measures to keep his iPod so close, but he felt the need to record the entire process.

In the video below, you will see Dave measure the iPod and then drill magnets into his wrist.  Again, this is not for the weak of stomach.

Now, we’ve seen plenty of Apple tattoos, but this is something entirely different.  Dave called this process an iDermal. We have to wonder what happens when the iPod Nano becomes obsolete.

Yes, we think drilling magnets into your wrist is a bit extreme–but we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple’s future products involved implanting things into our brains.  Who knows, maybe Dave is a pioneer.



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