Some folks can come up with some creative decorations for Christmas. One family in Austin decided to recreate one of the most famous movie scenes ever, Clark Griswold hanging lights in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.

The couple used a dummy to hang from the gutters like Clark did in the movie. Only, a man overreacted a bit and thought it was a real person hanging from the roof according to

The gentleman ran to the house and grabbed the ladder to move it closer to the "person" that was hanging on. The gentleman was caught on camera yelling "Can you reach it?" but, of course, was getting no response. He had also called 911.

The family took it in stride. They want to give a gift to the man for his save attempt. They have also put up a sign that reads "Clark G is part of our Christmas display please do not call 911." just so no one else has the same reaction.

Personally, I would love for someone to do this as their decoration:

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