Across the great state of Texas there are so many different home styles to choose from. Everything from a farm and ranch style property to something very modern and prices can change so much depending on the area of Texas that you are looking. But after finding this home in McAllen, Texas I’m not sure if I have ever seen anything that looked so modern, it almost feels like something out of a movie. 

The exact address for this property is 808 E Francisca Ave in McAllen, TX 78503. The home is located in the prestigious Del Lago subdivision and has so many luxurious amenities included. The home consists of 3 bedrooms, 3 ½ bathrooms, it’s a total of 5,305 square feet and not a lot of landscaping to do as it sits on a half-acre lot.  

Open Concept and Amazing Master Closet 

As you scroll through the photos below you will love the open concept of the home as the living room, dining room, and kitchen are all wide open which makes the space seem bigger. There is a ton of natural light that gets into the home, it looks amazing. But the best feature of this home has to be the enormous 2-story closet part of the master suite. You will see what I am saying when you see the photos. 

The Only Thing I Don’t Like About This Property in McAllen, TX 

Owning this home would be a dream come true, although it comes with a hefty price tag at $2,499,000. But the only thing I don’t absolutely love about this place is there is not much privacy. It looks like neighbors would be able to see into your home, I just like a little more privacy than that. But this home is still amazing, just look at these pictures.  

Modern McAllen, TX Home With 2-Story Master Closet

This home is beautiful, and the pictures prove it.

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