As kids it hosted our cool friend's birthday parties, and turned would-be boring Saturday afternoons into unforgettable video-game-and-pizza-filled weekends -- good news! The best pizza chain from your childhood is coming back to Tyler.

According the press release, they will be setting up shop at 4526 South Broadway Avenue, in the French Quarter Shopping Center.

“I’m excited to bring Mr. Gatti’s to Tyler as I grew up going to Mr. Gatti’s in my hometown and now I want a safe, fun place for my own children to hang out,” franchisee Lamar Wedell said. “We will also use the restaurant to help the local community with plans to work with foster children and children with autism in the area, along with other charities and organizations here in Tyler.”

By the '80s and into the '90s, Mr. Gatti's began including state-of-the-art game rooms, the perfect thing for pizza hungry kids. And now it returns! Keep your ears peeled, no official open date yet, but it is set to open sometime this summer.

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