While many are heartbroken to hear that Lola's Handcrafted Sandwiches is closing down this Saturday (Jan. 20) in Tyler, I'm going to go as far as saying I'm the most devastated. The only problem with Lola's was that it was too good, sometimes prompting the local business to close early.

I'll tell you what I'll miss the most (my typical order):

  • Mediterranean Turkey w/ Pesto (if they didn't have the Shrimp Po' Boy)
  • Kicked Up Chips (Vol. 1 or 2)
  • Iced Tea
Jason Eisenberg | TSM

If I ever had someone visiting me in East Texas, this was the first place I'd take them for lunch. Because hey, you can't have Stanley's BBQ twice a day, can you?

It's a real shame to see another locally-owned (and family-run) business go by the wayside - especially one that seemed very popular to both locals and those who travel to Tyler from time to time.

Lola's Handcrafted Sandwiches via Facebook

Our whole family loves this spot off of Old Jacksonville Hwy - Mandee introduced me to the spot when I first moved here, so it's been a lunch love of mine since the day I started paying rent in Tyler. Our Operations Manager would share with you guys all the weekly special sandwiches they had, and I introduced the spot to my friend Shawn Knight who moved to Tyler mid-2016 - he's really sad too.

Shawn Knight | TSM

There is no mention of why they are closing or if they ever plan to re-open again. But one can only hope. We'll miss you Lola's and we hope to see y'all again soon.