Call it a sign of the technological times. There's a new app that certifies you've been vaccinated for COVID.

According to a report from KCEN, there's a new app for you phone that will help prove you've been vaccinated from COVID-19. It's called "Common Pass" and it's controlled by your Doctor and once you get vaccinated, your Dr. can upload the proof.

CEO Paul Meyer says, “Common Pass seems to be emerging as the standard that people are adopting.” Meyer also says, “We’re rolling out with additional airlines with United, with JetBlue, with Lufthansa, with Swiss, with Virgin in the coming weeks, and we’ll be expanding from there. It’s free for the users. It’s free for the healthcare institutions. The airlines and the others who benefit downstream are the ones who pay a fee to sustain it."

There's been talk about having proof of a vaccination in order to travel, specifically outside the U.S. border. Common Pass can provide that. In fact, the app is getting lots of use from those traveling into the U.S. from the United Kingdom.

It's also expected concert venues and hotels may seek proof of vaccination in order to attend shows or book stays so Common Pass may find value for that as well.

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