East Texas is a fine place to live. Lots of wide open spaces. Plenty of space for those who enjoy the concrete jungle. The one downfall of anywhere in East Texas is the lack of entertainment. We have more than enough places to eat. We have more than enough places to grab a drink and do some dancing. What we need is more places to actually do something. While this concept in Dallas isn't groundbreaking, I could see this experience being something that could be done in East Texas with a high entertainment value.

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Truck Yard in Dallas

Truck Yard in Dallas is nothing new as far as places to hangout go. It's got food. It's got drink. It's got live music. I've never been there but by watching The Daytripper's video, I want to check it out. If you're unfamiliar, chef Jason Bosso found an old junkyard and turned it into a food truck and craft beer hotspot. Patrons can bring their dogs, sit outside, eat, drink and enjoy some live music. Cool stuff.

Entertainment in East Texas

While this concept is nothing ground breaking, I could see something like this becoming a cool hangout in East Texas. Just imaging a place like this with, say, axe throwing or carnival style games or paintball or some other outdoor activity. That would be a lot of fun. That's what East Texas needs more of.

East Texas has a plethora of great food trucks now so you wouldn't need to build a kitchen, just bring in two or three different food trucks a night. There would be enough variety to make it a new experience food-wise almost every night.

I Think I Have the Perfect Spot to Put a Place Like This, too.

On Spring Street, just outside of downtown Tyler, there was a once promising retail area. The last time a business operated in that area was in 1990. It has since fallen into disrepair and really looks like a set piece from The Walking Dead. Across the street from that is what Tylerites have dubbed The Icehouse. This building was an actual ice manufacturer and cold storage facility that operated from the late 1800's until the 1960's. Both of those places could be bought and then renovated keeping the old feel but with modern conveniences and activities.

A Little Imagination Goes a Long Way

I'm just spit balling at this point but you get the gist of what I'm trying to write, let's bring some more entertainment options to Tyler or anywhere in East Texas. TopGolf, Dave & Busters, Six Flags, Truck Yard, those can't be copied piece by piece but the concept of those places can be done with a slightly different spin on it and different name.

We, as the general public, just have to get behind it to keep it open.

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