The old Hastings building in Tyler has been vacant for about three years or so. But over the last few months, there has been a lot of activity in that building. It will soon be the home of Sprouts Farmers Market.

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Jobs are a bit hard to come by right now which makes the opening of Sprouts Farmers Market on August 5 (KETK) a bright spot in the East Texas job market. The store is looking to employ about 110 East Texans. Those jobs range from management to clerks to department managers.

Virtual interviews will be conducted on June 24 and 25. Just go to to apply.

Sprouts Farmers Market, one of the fastest-growing retailers in the country, has made healthy living accessible to shoppers for nearly two decades by offering affordable, fresh, natural and organic products. Rooted in our farmers market heritage, Sprouts is known for pioneering a unique grocery model that’s good for you, good for your family and good for the planet. Sprouts’ welcoming store layout features fresh produce at the center of the store, an expansive bulk foods section, and a vitamin department focused on overall wellness.  To meet the growing and diverse needs of today’s customer, Sprouts also offers a unique assortment of healthier products with special attributes, such as plant-based, gluten-free, keto-friendly, and grass-fed.

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