My hometown of Lindale, how I still have a love for you. While I haven't lived there in over 20 years, I haven't been too far away in Tyler. So anytime I hear news of something new coming to my little hometown, I love being able to pass it along. There's been a lot of rumors about what's going into the old Chevron / Dairy Queen location off of Interstate 20 in Lindale and it is now confirmed what will be coming soon.

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This confirmation comes from two signs that are posted on the property, one on the service road off of Interstate 20 and one on Highway 69 heading south. Its long been rumored, and not confirmed when I talked to the City of Lindale in February about it, that Whataburger was coming to that location. We can say now that news has been confirmed.

Michael Gibson / Townsquare Media
Michael Gibson / Townsquare Media

Coming to the old site of the Chevron / Dairy Queen combo will be Whataburger. From the looks of the building design, another business will be attached to it. That additional business hasn't been confirmed but its widely believed to be a CEFCO gas station, maybe something similar to what's at Highway 271 and Interstate 20.

Google Maps
Google Maps

I don't think it will be as large of a station as the one pictured but it still could be a decent size as there is a lot of property to build on in the corner at Interstate 20 and Highway 69.

We'll just have to let the contractors do their thing and we'll let you know when we hear of a potential opening date. More Whataburgers is never a bad thing in my opinion.

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