Whataburger has been a Texas staple since 1950. Yes, 70 plus years of serving great burgers. One of the signatures of Whataburger has always been their A-Frame buildings. Sadly, as Whataburger has progressed and modernized itself, those original buildings are slowly fading away. One of the last few of those original A-Frame Whataburger stores can be found just a short drive from East Texas in Mesquite.

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Tyler was once home to two of those original A-Frame style stores. The oldest in Tyler was on Gentry Parkway. That location was shut down and demolished to make room for the newer Whataburger just a couple blocks North. There is now a Little Caesars where that A-Frame Whataburger once stood.

The second of those A-Frame Whataburgers was on Loop 323 just across from Broadway Square Mall. That one closed down recently to move to its new location in the Southwest corner of the Broadway Square Mall parking lot that will be opening pretty soon.

For longtime fans of Whataburger, it's sad to see these buildings slowly disappear in favor of the newer, more modern looking stores.

However, if you need a nostalgic Whataburger trip, just make the short drive to Mesquite to find one of the original A-Frame Whataburgers still in use. It is located at 128 East Kearney Street in Mesquite. Recently, YouTuber WallieB26 stopped by this original Whataburger to show off it's nostalgic feel.

WallieB26 via YouTube
WallieB26 via YouTube

Here you can see the classic A-Frame which houses the kitchen with the dining area in front of that. It also still has the drive in portion of the store still up in the front. In its heyday, you could pull up and a carhop would come to your car to get your order then bring it out to you to enjoy in your car. The drive in part is just for parking now.

Not too far from this location is the historic downtown Mesquite which is full of buildings close to 100 years old.

We do miss this old school aesthetic of Whataburger. Check out the full video from WallieB26 below or make a Saturday day trip to Mesquite to check out this original Whataburger yourself.

Whataburger #80 in Mesquite

This Whataburger is just over 50 years old and sits in a historic part of Mesquite.

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