Lindale has the been hot bed of new business rumors for several years now. From Buc-ee's to Target to Costco and just about everything in between, it's a hot topic of the area and doesn't seem to be dying down any time soon. These particular tidbits of speculation aren't as big as those but are still noteworthy. I reached out to the City of Lindale to see if there was anything concrete to these rumors.

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The corridor of Highway 69 and Interstate 20 in Lindale is a happening little area. New additions over the last year have been very significant to the area. Places like QuikTrip, Chick-Fil-A and Panda Express have provided goods and services, as well as jobs to the Lindale area in that time. Also we've seen the closures of some businesses in that area.

One such closure is the Chevron that was in the Southwest corner of that corridor. Rumors began circulating recently of a Whataburger being built there. Some have said it could be a Cefco / Whataburger combo on that piece of property seen below:

Google Maps
Google Maps

I mean, why not. It would make perfect sense coming right off of I-20.

A second bit of speculation is surrounding a building that has been a multitude of businesses for over 20 years. The building was once home to Juanita's Mexican Restaurant and to Cole's, which I believe was a steakhouse, among several other restaurants. It currently sits vacant next to Taco Bell. Speculation is that it will be turned into an urgent care facility. Here's the building in question:

Google Maps
Google Maps

I decided it would be easy to pick up the phone and call the City of Lindale and try to find out some kind of conformation to all of this speculation. When I asked about both locations, I was told that the appropriate parties have talked to the city about building but no permits have been issued for either to come to the city.

As they say, rumors have a slight bit of truth to them. A Whataburger along I-20 in Lindale has been discussed but nothing confirmed at this time. A new urgent care facility has been discussed but nothing is confirmed at this time.

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