The NFL Playoffs are officially here and this Saturday will be very interesting as the Dallas Cowboys begin their postseason push against longtime rival the San Francisco 49ers. While most of East Texas will be rooting for the "Boys" to win, Longview residents will undoubtedly be rooting for one its own even though he's on the opposing sidelines.

Williams Loves To Give Back To The Community That Raised Him.


Now in his 11th season in the NFL, Williams who graduated from Longview High is currently the NFL's highest paid offensive lineman after signing a huge extension with the 49ers in March of 2021. He hasn't forgot about Longview and comes home annually to host "The Trent Williams Silverback Football Camp" for up and coming high school athletes.

He's partnering with Longview ISD to create the Trent Williams Dual Credit Tuition Assistance Partnership.


Thanks to Williams, Longview High School students are eligible to receive dual credit tuition assistance through a community partnership with the NFL star who is passionate about empowering his community with resources to be successful. The goal of the Trent Williams Tuition Assistance Partnership is to provide academic support to students that are historically underserved targeting at-risk and economically disadvantaged students.

In order to be eligible, a student must meet the following criteria:

  • Longview High School Student
  • Proof of Financial Need
  • 10th-12th Grade
  • African American
  • Good Academic Standing
  • Submit Application with Essay

Qualified applicants will be contacted by a Longview High School counselor so if you know a student at Longview High that could use some help preparing for their next level in life, have them fill out the application online HERE. 

Longview, TX Cold Weather Tips

With the Texas grid still questionable going into the winter months, the City of Longview has a few safety tips to help keep you warm!

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Brisket. We all love brisket. The squabble comes when we start trying to decide who has the best brisket though. So you know what I always say, right? When it comes to brisket, "try 'em all! If ya don't like it, ya never gotta go back."

Longview Residents Sound Off on What They Love About Their City

This week a woman, who judging from her comments seems to be a most pleasant soon-to-be-former Californian, will be moving to Longview and reached out to her future neighbors to find out what they love about the town. And, boy, were there some great responses. From easy navigation -- thanks to the Loop -- and Friday night football, residents have got so much that they absolutely love about living here.

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