TikTok can be a huge time suck. Thing is, every once in a while, you will run across a video that needs to be shared with everyone. That's the case for a dude who works at Whataburger who showed off a creation that should become a part of the their menu. He calls it Buffalo Ranch Loaded Fries and let me tell you, I want to go to Whataburger tonight and try this for myself.

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Whataburger Chili Hack

When Whataburger released their Chili Cheese Burger, there were a couple of menu hacks folks were starting to try. One of those was making a Frito pie with the Fritos and chili that was on the burger. I'm surprised that idea didn't take off. The other idea was to take the chili and make chili cheese fries. The idea became so popular that Whataburger added it to the menu. It seems that as long as the Chili Cheese Burger is around so will the chili cheese fries. I'm sure at some point you've tried an unusual combination of the various Whataburger menu items.

My Burger King Menu Hack

In high school, so this would have been the late 90's, I worked at Burger King. There was a promotion where a seasoning packet would come with your fries that added a nice zing to them. I would take that seasoning and sprinkle it on a burger patty before running it through the broiler. That seasoning added a great flavor to the patty and made for a great Whopper.

Being Creative While on Break

I have a feeling this dude wanted to get creative when he went on break one night and came up with a food concoction that we need to go to Whataburger and try right now. He calls it Buffalo Ranch Loaded Fries. He starts with a box of fries, adds some shredded cheese and crumbled bacon. Then on top of that, he adds what looks like a chopped up spicy chicken patty. For the final touch, he pours on some buffalo and ranch sauce. O!M!G! This looks absolutely delicious and Whataburger needs to reach out to this dude and use his idea (and pay him accordingly for it).

@iamnick556 Buffalo ranch loaded fries #fypシ #fyp #whataburger ♬ Spongebob Tomfoolery - Dante9k Remix - David Snell

Yeah, so I'm gonna have to try this for myself. I'm sure after watching his video, you will too.

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