Savannah and I couldn't be more excited about building our new home in East Texas. We are just weeks away from getting the keys and moving our things out of a storage unit and having a place to call home again. It's very exciting but this has also brought up a debate we are currently having regarding a 'No Soliciting' sign being place outside our front door. I'm not trying to be rude, but what I really want is a sign that says 'No Soliciting over the age of 16'.

I'm not trying to be a jerk, but I don't want to have door-to-door salespeople trying to sell me on their new products. But if there is a neighborhood kid that is selling gift wrap to buy new jerseys for their team, heck yeah, I want to support them with that.

Any Kids Going Door to Door Need to be Safe

As a kid I remember spending many nights trying to sell pizzas, gift wrap, or magazine subscriptions to raise money for my different football teams. But I am glad that parents are trying to be as safe as possible as kids are going door to door to sell these items. It's important for kids to learn these skills, and get out of their comfort zone. But I don't want to waste my time on a sales pitch at the front door with anyone except a kid.

Not to be Disrespectful But Adults Going Door to Door, I'm Not Buying

After I get home from a day of work I'm not wasting even 2 minutes listening to a sales pitch when answering the door. I applaud the fact that people are still willing to work hard like that, but I'm not buying.

I would be perfectly happy making all door to door sales illegal, except for kids raising money for activities and sports teams. I realize not everyone is going to agree with my opinion. So, what do you think about people soliciting door to door sales?

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