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Texas Makes Another Best of Show...

It's getting hot in here Texas, so let's take off all our clothes!

Texas has made the list of best places to skinny dip and we are here for it!

Did you know we even have a nude beach in Texas?

According to a report from MyDatingAdvisor, Texas of all places, appears on the list of best places to skinny dip with a nude beach listed alongside the article, and to be honest, I had no idea TEXAS even had a nude beach!

Did you?

Before we get to where it's located let's talk if skinny dipping is legal in Texas, because I might not have known there were nude beaches, but I did know there isn't a river in Texas where I haven't seen some folks skinny dipping!

Is it legal to skinny dip in Texas?

You bet your naked butt it is... and isn't... but at Hippie Hollow Park in Austin Texas, which is exactly where My Dating Advisor says has one of the best nude beaches in the world, you can get naked and not get arrested.

Texas law prohibits the "reckless exposure" of private parts in public, but it is legal for both men and women to be topless "because female breasts are not considered genitalia."

You can get naked, but you can't get lewd.

And at Hippie Hollow, it's the only place in Texas you can get totally nude!

You also have to be 18 to enter. Oh yes and no pets.

Read all the deets here. Personally, since the water is Lake Travis, I feel like it's in line with skinny dipping in the river and nothing like the nude beaches in Spain... but whatevs!

Other places like UFO Beach at South Padre and McFaddin Beach, Bolivar Peninsula are not officially listed as nude beaches but were recommended by the Solo Globetrotter as some of the best in Texas. Wink.

So now the only question left is ... would you partake in the nude sunbathing happening at Hippie Hollow Park?

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