While everyone has their own opinion about COVID and the vaccine there have been healthcare workers that have been working tirelessly to keep everyone healthy. To be honest, I'm tired of hearing people's opinion about the topic, if you got vaccinated good for you, if you don't want anything to do with the vaccine that is completely up to you. But one thing we all need to do is support these hard working nurses that have been putting in all these hours.

We are now dealing with a second surge of this disgusting virus and our nurses in East Texas are exhausted. They are emotionally and physically tired from the work over the past 18 months, yet they continue to show up to help others. It's time that we show them how appreciated they are.

A Local Group Called Frontline Warriors Are Working on a Nurse Encouragement Drive

A local team of real estate professionals have created a group that is trying to support our local nurses by putting on an Encouragement Drive to show the nurses that we truly appreciate their efforts. The goal is to create gift baskets for hospitals, ER's, and clinics around East Texas.

How Can You Help With the Nurse Encouragement Drive?

Anyone who wants to contribute can drop off snacks, drinks, gift cards, letters of encouragement, or small gifts that will be used to fill the gift baskets. The drop off dates for items are between Friday, September 10th and Thursday, September 23rd.

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Where Can You Drop Off the Donations?

In Tyler, stop by Leslie Cain Reality at 2445 Earl Campbell Pkwy. In Lindale, visit Leslie Cain Reality at 403 West Hubbard Street. In Canton, drop by Van Zandt Abstract & Title at 128 East Dallas St.

THANK YOU to all nurses, and everyone who makes a donation to show these nurses they are loved and appreciated.

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