Going to a lake during the summer is a common practice for many in Texas. What they do at that lake may differ, however. Many folks will launch their boat for a day of fishing. Others will drop a pontoon for a relaxing trip on the water. Others will enjoy the beach area for a nice swim. Others will gear up and do some scuba diving in a lake. For those that love to scuba dive, I found fifteen of the deepest lakes in Texas with five of those lakes in our neck of the woods in East Texas.

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Deepest Lake in Texas

It was interesting searching around to find the depths of the many Texas lakes. The deepest lake in Texas straddles the Texas-Mexico border, Armistad Reservoir. That lake goes as deep as 217 feet at its deepest point. Lake Travis in the Austin area comes in at number two with a depth of 210 feet. For those that love to scuba dive, these two lakes are favorites for those that love to explore underwater. I'm sure there can be some interesting treasures to be found exploring the bottom of those lakes, too.

The Not So Deep Lakes in Texas

While Armistad Reservoir and Lake Travis hold the distinction of the deepest lakes in Texas, not every lake has to be super deep to be enjoyed. For instance, the deepest point of Lake Tyler is only about 20 feet. Lake O' the Pines is only about 50 feet deep at its deepest. Lake Palestine only gets to about 59 feet at its deepest. Lake Fork goes as deep as 60 feet at its deepest level. All of those East Texas lakes are highly enjoyed by many in and out of the state.

The Deepest Lakes in East Texas

Of the many deep lakes in Texas, you will find five of the deepest in East Texas. Toledo Bend Reservoir comes in as the deepest in East Texas at 110 feet followed by Lake Livingston at 90 feet, Lake Sam Rayburn at 80 feet, Richland-Chambers Reservoir at 75 feet and Lake Tawakoni at 70 feet. Toledo Bend Reservoir also was named the number six best lake for bass fishing in the country by Bassmaster Magazine this year (2023).

So if you are looking for an adventure in the depths of the lakes in Texas, see the 15 Deepest Lakes in Texas and their depths below:

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