It is not a surprising statistic for some one in Tyler, Texas to own a firearm of some kind. It's not even surprising if they own more than one. We take our 2nd amendment rights very seriously in Texas. Despite what you hear on the news, there are way more law abiding gun owners than not. A recent list popped up that is very surprising for us in Texas, out of the top 101 counties in the United States for gun ownership, only two Texas counties showed up in the list and were close to the bottom.

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Most Legal Gun Owners

Where would think the most legal gun owners would reside in Texas? I would think East Texas would be high on that list. West Texas would be pretty high as well. With the exception of Austin (because Austin really isn't Texas anymore), Central Texas would probably be on the list as well. But as a whole, Texans love to own a gun, or multiple guns, in their household. That's why it's surprising to learn that there are only two Texas counties in a list of 101 counties with highest percentage of gun owners.

Top 101 Counties for Gun Ownership

A list published on had the top 101 counties with the highest percentage of gun owners. What's crazy is that a Texas county doesn't show up in the top 10, the top 20 or even the top 75. No, you have to go all the way to position 94 and 95 to find a Texas county, Bexar at 94 and Tarrant at 95. The top 10 in the list is pretty surprising:

10. Toole County, Utah at 51.3%
9. Canyon County, Idaho at 51.4%
8. Teller County, Colorado at 52.3%
7. Orange County, Vermont at 52.6%
6. Rapides Parish, Louisiana at 52.8%
5. Summit County, Utah at 53.0%
4. Natrona County, Wyoming at 56.9%
3. Nex Perce County, Idaho at 59.0%
2. Fairbanks North Star Borough, Alaska at 59.1%
1. Stewart County, Tennessee at 64.0%

So counties in Alaska, Vermont, Idaho and others pace above counties in Texas for percentage of gun owners. Do what will with that information.

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