I'm just like you, extremely tired of checking out my own groceries at Walmart. I don't know about the one you frequent, but the Neighborhood Walmart in Tyler, TX that I drive past every day doesn't even offer the option of a checker scanning your groceries any longer. Ten items or less, I'm all about that life. A whole buggy full of items, gimme a checker, bro.

On top of that, Walmart already has a deservedly bad reputation when it comes to customer service. But, I guess it's working cause they're still popping up stores all over the place as customer service continues to take a back seat.

But regardless of how you feel about Walmart and it's ninja grip on our lives, it's still nice to read about a real human-to-human connection. Surprisingly we got one today via Kristen L. and her trip to Wally World, which she shared on the Tyler, Tx Rants, Raves, and Recommendations Facebook group. I thought we could all use a little happy story today.

Shopping with kids is no easy task. And you don't tend to get much sympathy from fellow shoppers along the way either, ya know aside from a judging stare here and there. If you don't have children it's impossible to explain, I'm not even gonna try to.

Here is Kristen's experience at the Walmart on 64 in Tyler:

Rave! Walmart on 64. I didn't catch her name but, an older worker saw I was having a lot of trouble at the self check out with my 2 kids usually I get through it and the workers stand around talking and on their phones this employee went above an beyond to help make my experience easier. She first comes up helps me make a bottle and feed my youngest right there at the check out while I scanned my items. Then she sees my oldest taking the candies off the shelves (I took him out long enough to scan things under him he's 2 so he's fast) she picks up some candy scans it and pays for it herself so he is entertained and still while I paid and left. She definitely was a huge help today and I wanna say thank you even if she doesn't see this!

Tyler, Tx RR&R
Tyler, Tx RR&R

Love this story. Thanks for sharing, Kristen.

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