Almost all of us know the difference between right and wrong, or that's what I thought. But as I continue to scroll through social media groups of cities across East Texas like Kilgore or Lindale it drives me absolutely crazy to see pictures of adorable furry family members being left out to die. In my own personal opinion anyone who could do this is a scumbag. If you abandon a dog, you don't deserve to know what love is, because that is exactly what that animal wanted to show you.

Over the past few months I've see more and more animals left on the side of the road any luckily there have been life saving people who stop to either take the animal to a shelter or at least make sure they have food and water. While I completely understand that not everyone has room to grow their family with an animal, everyone can stop to make sure no animal is left to suffer.

My (Princess) Dog Gypsy Was a Stray from Here in Texas

Back in 2015 I found my princess, Gypsy was a stray who was abandoned here in Texas with 5 little puppies and she was heartworm positive. As you would expect, her adorable pups were adopted quickly, leaving this amazing mama waiting for her forever family. Savannah and I fell in love with her almost instantly. While we had (and still have) one awesome dog (Koda), Gypsy was the missing piece to our family. The adoption took place June 20th, 2015 but really she adopted us.

I Will Never Understand How Someone Could Abandon a Dog

These creatures love unconditionally, they want to make you happy. It will never make sense to me how someone could drive away looking at those loving eyes not knowing what is going on. How you can abandon a creature who is so loyal.

Please, if you ever get in a situation where you cannot care for your animal take it to a shelter. Don't abandon it and leave it for dead, these animals deserve much better than this.

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