So, if you break into someone's house and are confronted by the home owner who chases you off, why return to the scene of the crime?

That's what happened in San Antonio on Tuesday (August 8) according to

A burglar broke into a home through the garage. When the suspect entered the kitchen, the home owner came face to face with the attempted robber.

He grabbed his gun and shot at the suspect. The suspect was not hit but did run off.

Shortly after, the suspect returned to the home he attempted to rob and got into an argument with the home owner because he shot at him.

What? You tried to break into someone's home idiot. You can be shot and killed and nothing would happen to the person defending their property. You sir are an absolute moron to think otherwise.

Just reminds me of the scene from Liar, Liar...

Sgt. Abel Balderas of the San Antonio police said that in a nicer manner to, "I guess he didn't like being shot at. But he should stay out of people's houses then. If you don't like being shot at, stay out of houses that aren't yours."

The suspected burglar did get away after the second confrontation. I hope he's caught and made some serious fun of in jail.

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