Well that's an, umm, interesting disguise to rob a convenience store. Two men hollowed out watermelons and used them as masks to rob a Virginia convenience store. But they didn't steal money.

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Look, people steal. People who steal will find all kinds of ways to hide their identity. For these two men in Virginia, you certainly have to give them credit for their creativity but an F on their execution.

The men, who took the time to hollow out a watermelon, cut holes for eyes and put on their heads like masks, walked into a Sheetz convenience store and stole some items. Not cash from the register, just items. Those items were not described in the cbsaustin.com article but I'm thinking of "items" as a bag of chips, some sodas, maybe a case or two of beer. Just speculation on my part.

Not only would the watermelons on their heads make them stand out as is, they left the scene in a lifted Toyota Tacoma truck. That's definitely not unnoticeable.

Thanks to the public's help, one suspect was arrested, one is still at large. Kinda gives new meaning to the term "melon heads" don't you think?

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