Thieves are the worst. Actually, thieves are the lowest of the low. So when a thief gets some instant karma, it should be celebrated.

This story comes from Washington state. Around 6 a.m. Sunday morning (January 12), an unidentified man was robbing a business, according to, when his truck that was parked across the street was stolen.

Oh yes!

You can see in the video above that the man is coming from across the street as the car thief takes off in his red 1992 Chevrolet. So how did this man's truck get stolen so easily? Glad you asked, he left the keys in the seat and left the truck unlocked.

(facepalm ensues)

The man even called police to report his truck had been stolen. That's when police deduced that the man was thieving himself and was arrested.

(double facepalm ensues)

It certainly doesn't take much of a brain to be a thief, does it? But please keep being dumb crooks so we can get great stories like this.

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