It's been a rough last few months for businesses across East Texas (the country, I know). With government orders to close nonessential businesses, followed by the customer's anxiety to travel out, resulted in it really being an uphill battle for a lot of Smith County residents.

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I commend these businesses for sticking it out and making the best adjustments they believed they could make to benefit both the company's standings and the customers' comfort. But all of this didn't come without a price. That's not lost on me.

According to, over 400 businesses in Tyler borrowed PPP loans of at least $150,000. The list contains 418 businesses to be exact. I'm hoping these businesses that did borrow the money used it in good faith. Some businesses on the list borrowed up to $2 million.

You can check out the list for yourself here. You'll see everything from Whataburger, to schools, to health clinics make the list.

As for other parts of East Texas, 271 Longview businesses, 47 Marshall businesses, 16 Whitehouse businesses, and 40 Palestine businesses made the list.

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