Every Sunday, NFL fans take the afternoon to watch their favorite players go head to head on the football field. There is some major, good natured, trash talk amongst the players while on the field. Sadly, we don't get to hear a lot of it. But when those athletes come together to play another sport, like golf, we do get to hear some of that trash talk. Wednesday, June 1, Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady were teamed up against Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen in The Match. The trash talk leading up the golf exhibition was hilarious.

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Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady went up against Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen in a 12 hole golf exhibition Wednesday, June 1. The outing was being played for not only bragging rights but also for a good cause, Feeding America (the exhibition raised enough money to donate 10,258,000 meals.) Leading up to the event, the players had some time to answer some softball questions but also had the opportunity to do some good natured trash talk.

For instance, Aaron Rodgers took a dig at Patrick Mahomes when asked about which social media app he opens first. You can hear his response at the beginning of the video. Rodgers was able to get another dig in later in the video at Josh Allen while Allen got a dig in at Tom Brady.

Pat I’m sure is a big TikToker. Runs in the family.

You know what, that's pretty funny. That quote deserves this meme:


In another sit down with the quarterbacks before The Match, Patrick Mahomes was able to get a dig in at Josh Allen referring to Kansas City's win against the Buffalo Bills in last year's playoffs in overtime.

@bleacherreport Patrick Mahomes takes a shot at Bills Mafia 😂 #capitalonesthematch #patrickmahomes #joshallen #buffalobills #billsmafia #nfl #sports #foryou ♬ original sound - bleacherreport

Dude, that's savage.

Unfortunately for Mahomes and Allen, they lost to Rodgers and Brady by one stroke on the final hole. Maybe we'll see a rematch next year with another round of great trash talk.

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