No, seriously. Stick with me.

Here's the thing: We spend copious amounts of time at work, right? We work so very hard for the lives and homes we enjoy. BUT. How often do we sit and really take in the things we work so hard to obtain. When's the last time you sat and considered all of the STUFF you've put in your house, and why? It's probably been awhile.

The things we choose to put in our homes say something about who we are. Now, if our homes are filled with stuff we don't necessarily care about, then that may be indicative that it's time for a good house de-cluttering session.

But, generally, if you have something in your home you still are holding into, it can be a portal into things that really matter to you. Maybe that means photos of family, vinyl, books, or an old guitar in the corner you've been meaning to pick up for years.

Take a bit of time and see what you love. That's part of what may be considered a blessing about this quarantine. See it as a re-set. Let the items in your home that you love be a guide post to a path of passion.

Here are a few things I found in my house during my own personal "tour" below:

(I also have lots of "snacks" but I'm not sure that counts. I mean, I guess that means I'm passionate about food.)

Please share your own photos of your own "home museum" tour in the comments below or send via the Classic Rock 96.1 mobile app! We adore hearing from you.

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