An Austin pizza chain, Southside Flying Pizza, has fired an employee for leaving an insulting message on the receipt of an officer's order using the derogatory turn for police, pig, followed by language that can't be typed here.

“The first thing we did was that the employee was let go,” Southside Flying Pizza District Manager David Hatley told KXAN in Austin. “We’ve also donated a combined $1,000 to the police officer memorial fund.”

Austin police don't seem to be holding any hard feelings toward the restaurant, though.

Austin Police Association President Ken Casaday said, "Our officers have eaten there for years. I don’t think that’ll stop. You know, the first 24 hours was pretty tough, a lot of officers were very angry. A lot of citizens were very angry. But just like we said, you can’t let one bad egg spoil the bunch."

The Austin Police Department also issued this statement, "It is a reflection of one employee’s actions, not that of the owner/s or other employees of the restaurant. When the incident was brought to the restaurant’s attention it was immediately addressed and a donation was made to a nonprofit that supports law enforcement."

The restaurant has invited members of the department to eat lunch at noon today (Febraury 27).

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