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This Smith County, Texas home is the perfect home for any horse lover who has a lot of horses to tend to or wants to have a herd of horses to tend to. This equestrian facility doubles as a stunning residence and includes a guest home too. With a price tag of $1.995 million, you'd probably expect an extremely elaborate home covered in stone and brick with ornate details and a long winding driveway, other than a long driveway, that's not the case here. The look of the home is concealed by a pretty generic traditional metal barn type of building.

Outside looks and curb appeal are a high priority for a lot of people and if that's what you're looking for, then this place isn't for you. Looking at this place from the end of the driveway, you'd think it's just a horse barn full of animals. That may be true, but it's also filled with creature comforts for the bipedal species too!

The home itself sprawls out across 4500 sq. ft. on two levels of the full 20,000 sq. ft. facility. It features three bedrooms, four bathrooms, hardwood flooring throughout, and a spacious kitchen with lots of space. The outside of the home is definitely deceiving and unassuming. The interior has an industrial feel thanks to the exposed ductwork and metal ceiling. This unique home also replaces traditional windows on the ground floor with a full-sized garage door that gives the owners the ability to utilize and experience the whole open-air concept.

You might be thinking, why is this place priced at nearly $2 million if the outside looks like it does? Easy, that's because this place doubles as an equestrian barn that this home is attached to. This home and the two other buildings on site sit on 23 acres of land and come with a second 7500 sq. ft. building that includes an additional guest home. The barns have a combined total of 23 stables, a corral, a covered bullpen and enough hookups to accommodate five RVs, and even a mobile home pad too.

When you're ready for mile-long views and equestrian living, this place in the Smith County countryside will be waiting for you, as long as it's still not on the market!

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