For 43 years, Barbie and Ken were inseparable.  Then, in 2004, just before Valentine's no less, they broke up.  Most said it was a mutual decision, but I have my doubts - I think Barbie was looking for some space.

However, in 2006, Ken underwent a makeover, looking younger, hipper (not the picture you see in the post certainly), and he learned to country dance - I think.  Barbie took notice.

Could a reconciliation be in the works?  Apparently not because another 5 years have gone by.

Flash forward to present day, 50 years after Barbie and Ken first held hands and 7 years since their breakup.  Now, the decision as to whether the former lovebirds get back together again is now in YOUR HANDS.

Mattel is using Facebook, Twitter, and the internet in general to allow you the chance to vote.  C'mon, let your choice be known now.

Barbie and Ken

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