While most people are looking forward to Thanksgiving the good people with the Polk County Sheriff's Office would like to chat with Lynnie Chapman before the holiday. There is a current homicide investigation going on in fact it's the father of Lynnie Chapman, currently law enforcement doesn't know if Lynnie has anything to do with the homicide but due to the fact that he has 4 felony warrants currently active law enforcement would like to speak with him.

The homicide of a 64-year-old man is tragic, and now detectives just want to find out what happened to Leonard Earl Chapman prior to his death. The incident took place at the Chapman residence on the 14000 block of FM 350 in Livingston, TX.

Lynnie Chapman Needs to be Apprehended Quickly

The four felony warrants out for Lynnie Chapman are unrelated to the homicide of his father. But with him having warrants out and this crime taking place and now law enforcement can't find him anywhere. It's enough to make anyone suspicious that maybe Lynnie had something to do with the homicide of his own father. It's horrible to think that someone could do something like this to their own parent.

This Is Where the Polk County Sheriff's Office Needs Your Help

If you know where Lynnie Chapman is currently or if you see him please contact law enforcement quickly. You can call the Polk County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigation Division at 936-327-6810 or Crime Stoppers at 936-327-STOP. You may collect reward money and remain anonymous if you help with the capture of Lynnie Chapman.

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