When you were growing up and playing make believe, did you ever want to be a princess? Did you imagine what it would be like to live in a castle, or look up at the majestic turrets?

I know I did. As an adult, I still love to visit castles. I’ve been fortunate enough to tour some really grand locations in Europe, and even one in America.

This castle at Lake Livingston is not quite the same kind of castle, but you are able to stay the night. The design was inspired by German Medieval-Gothic castles, according to the Airbnb listing. This is not your city-dwelling castle, though. It’s more of a glamping experience.

There are two structures.

One is the main castle dwelling with a loft and sitting area, which includes a king size bed, chaise lounge chairs, thrones and a decorative knight in shining armor. Note, I didn’t mention a bathroom or kitchenette. These are both located in the Castle Guesthouse located steps away.

The guest house sleeps three and has a studio loft that is accessed by climbing a ladder. I mentioned that it would be like glamping, right? Outside there is a seating area, picnic table, fire pit, charcoal grill and wood smoker. There is also access to lake fun to be had. With the use of the Private Boat Ramp, you can fish, swim, ski or simply go for a boat ride.

It probably won’t be my first choice of a getaway.

I pretty much go crazy without access to WiFi, but if I ever decide to truly unplug for a few days, I could see this as an intriguing royal escape at the lake.. Almost a step back in time, but thankfully with modern plumbing and electricity!

Would you Stay Overnight in aUnusual Hidden Castle in Livingston, TX?

This castle at Lake Livingston is not quite the same kind of castle, but you are able to stay the night.

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