If you ask me, the online celebrity out of Longview, Texas known as Pop from Pop Watch should get a pass on any rules that Facebook has created. He is never meaning any harm toward anyone, he is a lovable old man who isn't afraid to speak his mind. Which obviously comes with the risk of getting in trouble. Recently, Jason Roy, the grandson of Pop took to social media and actually described 10 things that were discussed on their channel that has almost got them in trouble.

As you read through the list of things that almost got Pop in trouble you will laugh at how ridiculous these things are that made the list. He is a wise old man and is just sharing his knowledge, if people don't like what he is saying or how he is saying it they can find other content to watch. He has gained over 3.3 million fans on social media and as one of them I enjoy the content it feels like Facebook is being a bit harsh when it comes to rules on the Pop Watch channel.

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The List of Things Pop Watch Has to Avoid Has Nothing to do With Booties

If you've watched the Pop Watch channel you know that Pop loves to look at some fine looking booties. He loves to make comments but it's all in good fun, because he knows that his amazing wife Nan would hit him in the head with a frying pan if he did anything more than make a comment.

Pop Watch Warnings on Facebook Are Unexpected

The things that were mentioned as topics to stay away from seem absurd but we are using their site so we have to play by their rules. Here is the list of things that Pop has to stay away from moving forward.

Pop Watch Warnings from Facebook

Our favorite online celebrity in Longview, Texas Pop from the Pop Watch channel has been told by Facebook to avoid these topics of conversations on social media.

Pictures From Our Friends at Pop Watch

Here are some photos of our favorite Longview celebrity Joe Mack Roy also known as Pop from Pop Watch and his family.

Longview Residents Sound Off on What They Love About Their City

This week a woman, who judging from her comments seems to be a most pleasant soon-to-be-former Californian, will be moving to Longview and reached out to her future neighbors to find out what they love about the town. And, boy, were there some great responses. From easy navigation -- thanks to the Loop -- and Friday night football, residents have got so much that they absolutely love about living here.

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