Over the past few years, the names Pop and Nan have become famous not just here in East Texas but across the country and world thanks to the videos on the Pop Watch social media channels. Years ago, their grandson Jason began recording, editing, and posting these funny and fun videos of his grandfather (Joe Mack Roy) and the outings they would take. Over the years we’ve been introduced to Nan who is married to Pop and others within the Roy family, and recently it was my pleasure to stop by and meet the Longview celebrities. 

Over the past few months, I’ve been able to connect with Jason and I wanted to thank him for all of his efforts, it’s amazing how watching a few minutes of their videos can make your day so much better. One day I even received a package in the mail with some Pop Watch merchandise and for a big fan like me, that really meant a lot.  

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Working on Longview, I Wanted to Return the Favor 

My work schedule had me in Longview, Texas on a Friday afternoon so I reached out to Jason to see if it would be alright it I stopped by with some radio station swag. He was extremely generous and said sure, stop by, and maybe you can grab a picture while you’re there. Pop and Nan had some doctors' appointments so I figured if they weren’t home at least I could leave some stuff on the porch for them. 

Pop and Nan Just Got Home as I Got to Their Home in Longview 

As I pulled up I saw that iconic swing that Pop spends time on each day, just then I saw Billy Roy (Jason’s Dad and Pops’ Son) helping Pop and Nan get out of his truck. I didn’t want to intrude as they had a busy day, but I was graciously offered to come inside their home. We chatted for a few minutes, then Billy asked if I would like a picture. It was like Christmas came early, but the funny part is that Nan wasn’t taking any pictures without brushing her hair and putting on lipstick.  

After a few minutes of chatting with Pop and Billy I was able to get a few pictures with some of my favorite celebrities. The videos posted online will never show you how genuine and nice this family treats their fans. A huge thank you to Pop, Nan, Billy and Jason for letting me stop by, it’s a few minutes I will treasure for a long time. 

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