Each year, there is a discussion as to whether a real or fake Christmas should hover over the gifts.

Fire danger is a major concern if you get a real tree. According to National Fire Protection Association report in 2015, on average, about 200 fires were reported per year between 2009 and 2013. But, there are ways to prevent a fire from happening.

  • Look for a tree with vibrant, green needles that are hard to pluck.
  • The tree shouldn't be shedding needles.
  • Keep the tree away from heat sources like fire places and candles.
  • Keep the tree watered. Simple laws of nature, if the tree dries out, it will be easier to catch on fire.
  • Turn the lights on the tree off when you go to bed.

Another concern with real trees is if anyone is allergic to them. You can't completely eliminate the allergens but there are some ways to reduce them.

  • Make sure the tree is free of insects or pests.
  • Shake any debris off of the tree before bringing it inside.
  • Rinse off the tree with a hose and sprayer and leave in a warm place to dry.

Even with a well watered tree, though, it will only last about 4 weeks. For instance, if you set the tree up on Thanksgiving, it will need to be taken down a couple of days after Christmas.

See some more tips for having a real Christmas tree at christmastreeassociation.org.

Whether you have a real or fake tree, have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.