We can't get enough of fried chicken in the state of Texas, and when you find your favorite fast-food chain, you stick with it. For me, that's Chick-fil-a. But as for which fast food chain reigns as champion of chicken tenders: that title goes to Raising Cane's.

According to Thrillist’s first fast food awards show, “The Fasties,” Raising Cane’s chicken tenders take the top spot. The award ranked the chicken tenders on their tenderness, breading, seasoning and overall deliciousness, leaving the chain's chicken tenders in first place among every major fast food chicken tender.

“Our ONE LOVE is quality chicken finger meals,” Raising Cane’s Founder, Owner & CEO Todd Graves said. “A lot of passion and hard work goes into serving our customers, our crew and our communities, so it’s an honor to receive this national recognition from Thrillist.”

If that wasn't enough, Thrillest also recognized Raising Cane's for their dipping sauce, ranking them third in the "Best Dipping Sauce" category. Cue all the Chick-fil-a fans arguing about that one.

Does Raising Cane's take the W for you? Let us know in the comments!

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