Lighting is very important in any home. There needs to be good light in the kitchen, in the living room, in each bedroom and in the bathroom. Some spots in our homes, like closets or underneath cabinets, can be hard to get light to, however. This requires either a licensed electrician to come to our home to install an extra light or the purchase of a portable light source. A popular portable light source has been recalled because the rechargeable battery inside has turned dangerous.

Good Earth Rechargeable Integrated Lights

Good Earth Lighting is a company that produces various types of lighting options for your home. These lighting options come in a variety of sizes with most being easy to install just about anywhere in the home. One such light is the Ecolight under cabinet light bar. This light provides lighting for the area just underneath cabinets that is normally blocked by the light from the ceiling.

This particular light has run into the issue of the battery becoming too hot which turns the light into a fire danger. One person has died because of this issue with another person who was treated for smoke inhalation because of a fire the overheated battery caused. The company is also aware of nine other reports of overheating lights with six of those nine reports resulting in a fire.

What to do if you have one of these lights?

In total, there is about 1.2 million of these lights that are affected by this recall. If you have an Ecolight rechargeable light with model numbers starting with RE1122, RE1145, RE1362 and RE1250, you should immediately stop using the lights and contact Good Earth Lighting by calling 800-291-8838, emailing or going to

Any of those options will allow you get a replacement light so you can safely light those hard to light areas of your home.

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