I love Reckless Kelly music!  Should I be more impartial than that? --nah.  Their last album 'Somewhere In Time' a collection of Pinto Bennett songs blew me away.  It also saw the guys stray, successfully from their rockin' ways into a much more country/roots type of sound.  'Best Forever Yet' off the album was in my opinion the best song in Texas of 2010.

You may or may not know this but lead singer Willy and his brother Cody are from a musical family --in fact a musical IDAHOAN family.  Perhaps this is why I enjoy RK music because I too lived a good portion of my life in The Gem State even graduating high school there.  Willy and I discussed this recently right before I gave him the RTX-Live Texas Trivia Challenge, check it out

And in case you're interested in how Willy did on the Texas trivia -here it is!

Ok , I got off track --The actual reasons for this post are two.  One: Reckless Kelly have a great new song out the title track of their new album due out Sept 13 --in fact we debuted it last week on Radio Texas Live, called 'Good Luck And True Love' if you missed it don't worry just press play.

Something else you may not have known is Cody and Willy Braun of Reckless Kelly are brothers with Micky and Gary of Micky And The Motorcars.  I shared with you earlier they are all part of a musical family from Idaho, in fact the family made up a band fronted by their father, the band 'Muzzie Braun And The Boys' toured the Northwest and this leads us to reason two for this post.  Footage of Muzzie And The Boys was recently uploaded to youtube from their 1993 appearance on... wait for it... The Tonight Show With Jay Leno!

Pretty cool, right --well I've got that clip for you complete with a full on performance see if you can figure out who is who, I think it's Willy who sings first and Micky is the little one, stage far right who does the Michael Jackson spin --enjoy!