What are your first impressions when you think about a tattoo shop?

You probably don't expect to see children around. And you wouldn't expect it to smell like a sterile doctor's office. But that's what you can expect when visiting Resurrection Ink in Tyler.

Founded exactly on June 6, 2008 at 1:47 pm, East Texas native and Veteran John Mahfood returned home after traveling the world so he could bring back what he learned to his beloved home state.

What are you gonna bring back with ya? Something you had on your shoe? Or something you packed away carefully to bring back to share with the people and the place that you're from.

A lot of what he brought home was his skill and expertise as a micropigmentologist - which is world-renowned - but he also brought the traditions of what a tattoo salon is supposed to be like. As a result, every shop in East Texas has gotten a little friendlier, a littler cleaner. It's a testament to their standards being set in the industry.

Clean. Friendly. Helpful. A community. Mahfood even says they're almost like a ministry as they partake in the local community and donate their time and work to help troubled youths, first responders, Veterans and military hopefuls. They can't always do something for free, but they'll do their best to make it work.

As mentioned in the video, Resurrection Ink got its name for multiple reasons.

You resurrect yourself by helping others resurrect themselves.

For me, getting a new tattoo signifies a change in my life. The name Resurrection Ink embodies that idea. Being reborn, wiping the slate clean, going on a new trajectory in life - all of these run parallel with their message.

The staff consists of "three guys on a hill trying to make a difference with what they do".

Walking around the building you quickly notice the 'Toys for Tots' box and the St. Jude Children's Hospital fundraiser they have going. All three guys - two tattoo artists and one piercing professional - were incredibly friendly and knowledgeable to the point of being medical professionals.

Anyone new - whether it's your kid getting an ear piercing or a 35-year-old getting his or her first tattoo - this is the place to go because you can sit on that chair for as long as you want until you're 100% sure you know what you're getting.

Their patience, friendliness and wealth of knowledge is definitely the antidote for getting a tattoo or piercing you might later regret.

In fact, I left the building with an idea on how to finish a tattoo I started 11 years ago. There was no pressure at all. Just some conversation and then "ding", an idea came to mind.

Got a tattoo idea? I bet the guys at 20931 County Rd 145 in Tyler will polish that idea and bring a smile to your face when you let 'em know.

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