Driving, for the most part, can be a smooth adventure. But sometimes, heading out into the world amongst the hundreds, or even thousands, of drivers on our roadways can be a chore. We could run into a single driver or even multiple drivers that just are not being the best behind the wheel. This can be very aggravating and can lead to a possible exchange of some curse words and maybe a middle finger. Sometimes, though, that exchange can lead to an actual confrontation just like what happened recently in Houston.

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The two parties involved in this incident are Brittany Wilson and an "identity withheld male." Wilson admits to cutting off the "identity withheld male." From there the tension escalated quickly.


It really turns into a he said she said story. Wilson claims that the two exchanged words and when traffic started moving, he followed her. For the "identity withheld male," he claims that Wilson followed him because he was laughing at her because she was throwing stuff out of her sunroof as they continued through Midtown and downtown on 45. The two ended up in a neighborhood where the exchange really escalated.

The both came to a stop and both got out of their respective vehicles. They further exchanged words and even came to a point where the "identity withheld male" flinched at Wilson causing her to throw a punch. At one point, Wilson grabbed a bottle of wine from the man's truck and appears to hold it as if it were a weapon. After another exchange, the "identity withheld male" jumps on Wilson's hood and stomps on her windshield.

The incident was caught on video which you can see below:

We get it, a select few drivers seem to have no care for the other vehicles or other drivers on the road and do not follow traffic laws. Just this morning as I was coming into work, I was turning left off of Broadway onto Loop 323. The turn lane across from me was turning into stopped traffic on the loop. Drivers were ignoring the fact that you can't enter the intersection, no matter if the light is green, if you will end up stopped in the middle of the intersection. The drivers who ignored that rule impeded the traffic heading north on Broadway thus interrupting those driver's commute.

I really believe that it should be a requirement to retake a driving test every few years. There are traffic laws that we forget over time, or fall into believing a myth about those laws, and there are new laws that are passed that we may not know about. Doing this could possibly make everyone a better driver. But that's just my thoughts on the subject.

In closing, please be respectful when on the roadways. Everyone wants to get where they're going safely. If you can't be a respectful driver, then you shouldn't be driving. It makes for a dangerous situation.

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