My dogs are family, they make life so much better so when I heard about a dog treat recall due to possible salmonella contamination, I wanted to make sure to help spread the word so no more dogs get sick. These dog treats specifically were being sold online between June 8th and June 22nd and have been shipped nationwide to retailers and consumers who purchased online.  

The recall is being made by Stormberg Foods as several of its dog treats could make your animal sick according to the Food and Drug Administration.  

What Specific Treats Are Being Recalled? 

Beg & Barker Chicken Breast Strips Dog Treat, Billo’s Best Friend Chicken Breast Strips Dog Treat and Green Coast Pets Chicken Crisps Dog Treats are all on the recall list. I will say I do appreciate the pet treat manufacturing company doing the best they can to help spread the word to keep dogs safe. 

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Who Found Salmonella in the Dog Treats? 

Seeing as I don’t know the process for making dog treats it was interesting to find out that the contamination was caught by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and they notified the company on Wednesday, July 6th.  

What Should You Do If Your Dog Consumed These Products? 

Keep an extra close eye on your pet if you have some of these treats in your home. Your pet could become lethargic, have diarrhea, fever and vomiting. Obviously, if you see any of these signs in your pets the best thing to do is to contact your veterinarian. Even if your dog seems normal after consuming the treats, they could still be a carrier and pass the symptoms to other animals or even humans.  

The FDA says no illnesses have been reported so far, let’s hope that remains the case. 

To contact Stormberg Foods for more information you can email or their customer service phone number is 919-947-6011. 

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