While snow is the talk of Texas these days, one man in San Antonio is keeping his eyes on the prize... in the sky: aliens. I'm just going to ask this outright. Why do people who see UFOs have the worst camera handling abilities known to man?

According to NBC 4 San Antonio, a local man who identifies as a former Air Force Pilot, shot three different videos on Thursday night, claiming he caught multiple UFOs on camera around the Northwest Side.

In the report, the man says "this was no flight path approved by the FAA" and already eliminated the idea of a helicopter because "it made no sound".

Perhaps the oddest part of his three videos is when he follows the flying objects and stops on the side of the road - there are about 10 other cars stopped there as well. The cameraman told news4sanantonio.com that the aircraft inexplicably shrunk in size to land in what was thought to be a warehouse off I-10.

Sounds crazy? Yeah. But hey watch the videos and then make your hypothesis. Or jokes. Your call.

Some people on YouTube who live in the area say they saw some weird stuff on Thursday night as well. Some say aliens. Others say it's the Air Force.

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