Let's be honest. It's not a spider's fault that you're freaked out by them. After all, they didn't choose to be creepy-crawly any more than you chose to be upright, sipping on that latte.

But, rational or not, for many people their first reaction upon encountering an eight-legged bug is to squash it right away; even if that spider was just minding his own business.

The London Zoo wants to help some folks get over that fear with their "Friendly Spider Program."

The four-hour sessions will feature a discussion on phobias, a detailed history and discussion of spiders and even a hypnotherapy regimen designed to "remove any remaining negative subconscious feelings about the animals and support the newly-acquired positive feelings."

Once that portion of the seminar is completed, participants will then be invited to the zoo's "BUGS!" display and habitat where zoologists will teach them how to safely catch and release common household spiders.

Plus, there will also be the optional privilege of cuddling with a big, furry Mexican red-kneed spider.

The Zoo's website states, "And although we cannot guarantee success for everyone, follow-up analysis shows that more than 80 percent of participants report that they now remain calm, confident and relaxed when they encounter a spider.

The program also aims to remind people that spiders are very important creatures that serve a vital purpose in our ecosystem.  After all, one of their prime directives in life is to eat pests that could potentially damage crops and even bugs that inflict damage on our homes and eat our food.

Spiders don't want to eat your Lucky Charms. They want to eat the ants that want to eat your Lucky Charms.

So, really the next time you encounter a spider you should probably thank it instead of stepping on it.

The Friendly Spider Program at the London Zoo is already sold out for the season. So, it appears that more and more people are willing to better understand those eight-legged freaks!