Sea World is in the spotlight again. Not only are former trainers at Sea World speaking out about the treatment of killer whales and safety issues with Sea World, author David Kirby just released his book, "Death at Sea World." I wrote a post about this last week and now we I have a new update.

Remember the fatal accident at Sea World Orlando in 2010, when trainer Dawn Brandcheau was killed by the killer whale Tilikum? The incident was the whale's third fatal attack on a human. You'll probably also remember that a year after the incident, the killer whale was allowed to return to performing at Sea World in March 2011.

Well the video below was released to the public today, showing more evidence that Sea World knew the whales were dangerous. The video shows Ken Peters, then 39, flailing helplessly as he is dragged underwater by Kasatka, a 30-year-old killer whale that he'd trained for years.

This video was used as a piece of evidence in a Florida courtroom in the fall of 2011.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration claimed the theme park put trainers like Brancheau at risk, and that this video proves Sea World was aware of the dangers.

At the time, Sea World claimed it was unaware the whales could be deadly.

Here is what ABC News reported yesterday about the 2006 incident:

Peters "showed skillful execution of an emergency response plan" and "returned to work shortly after this incident and remains a member of the team at Shamu Stadium to this day."

It looks like Sea World may have to rethink some things. What do you think? Click here and and take our poll.

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