Summer is here and it's time to ride the roller coasters with your hands in the air proving you're not scared to ride! Roller coasters are the central attraction to any good theme park and there's not a shortage of them all within a days' drive of East Texas! So if you're looking to have some fun with the kids or friends you don't have to look any farther than these destinations for thrill seekers!

We've come up with the following list of close to home theme parks for you to experience for yourself this summer! Experience them all because each of them are different and offer thrills for everyone!  Click the park name to take you to their site for detailed information on park admission, hours, attractions, thrill rides and more!

Enjoy your summer with your hands in the air aboard your favorite roller coaster!

Hot Springs, AR
A short 4 hour drive from East Texas, this theme park nestled in the Arkansas mountains features roller coasters, like the suspended looping coaster 'The Gauntlet' along with several other major roller coasters and thrill rides. The park also offers up family and kids rids, a music amphitheater and a water park. It's a one ticket admission to both the theme park and water park.

San Antonio, TX
Divided into five distinct themed areas, this theme park offers up some of the best roller coasters and thrill rides in the nation. The park offers up rides for everyone (high thrill coasters to kid rides), entertaining shows along with an attached water park.

Arlington, TX
One of the oldest theme parks in the nation, this park is home to some of the premier roller coasters in the world and was named after the six flags that have flown over the State of Texas. There are high thrill rides and roller coasters along with family themed fun rides and attractions. The park offers up several entertaining show throughout the park along with summer concerts.

San Antonio, TX
It's a one of a kind theme park in Texas that combines a traditional theme park with roller coasters with a marine mammal park. This park offers several unique shows starring marine life and several roller coasters, one of which is the first of its kind featuring coaster trains like personal watercraft!

Seguin, TX
This park in central Texas offers up a wooden coaster that will have you riding it forwards and backwards! This one price park offers up several other rides and water slides too!

Kemah, TX
A family-friendly entertainment destination on the Texas coast offers up retro rides, a wooden roller coaster and a two-story carousel!

San Antonio, TX
This 25 acre theme park is dedicated and designed for those kids and adults with special needs. The park and rides are designed and built for everyone's enjoyment. The park offers an 'Off Road Adventure' car ride, a 5 1/2 story brightly colored ferris wheel, train ride, a sensory village and more.

No matter what theme park you choose to go with - your favorite or a new one - you're definitely going to be entertained, thrilled and left wanting to do it over and over again!

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