You can see the planet Mars in the sky in the morning hours this week.

If you wake up before sunrise, you can see the red planet in the eastern sky. Starting October 23 an hour before sunrise, the planet can see seen. On October 23, the moon will be about 33 degrees above the horizon an hour before sunrise, whereas the planet Mars will be just above the horizon. As we approach October 26, the moon will be just on top of mars in the early morning sky.

When looking for mars, look for a bright start, except this star won’t “twinkle”. Stars “twinkle” as they’re emitting light, but planets just reflect or refract light that we see here on the earth, so the planets don’t have that “twinkle” in the sky.

It’ll also be one of the brightest objects in the night sky, as it’s the closest object that you’ll see in the early morning sky aside from the moon.

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